Jun 2021

The Gledanica Festival

In June 2021 Štanjel will be hosting the Gledanica Festival, named after the prehistoric lookout found at the top of the Turn Hill.

The programme is inspired by local archaeology and music. This year, visitors will have an opportunity to attend a series of workshops, concerts and guided tours. This year’s specialty will be the building of a pottery kiln in which the pots made by hand during the workshops will be fired.

The main event is scheduled for Friday 11 September, when the new premises for more intimate Gledanica events will be opened, along with an Info Point in the Kobdilj Tower dedicated to presenting the history of both Štanjel and the Karst.

The 4-day event is part of vast international collaboration within the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia, dedicated to prehistoric hillforts and ethnobotany between the Karst and the Kvarner Gulf. The music programme and accompanying events will emphasise a dialogue between modern creativity and prehistoric times, while highlighting the building blocks of cultural heritage as encoded in folk tradition and eternal archetypes.

These events are organised under the auspices of the Kaštelir Project (Interreg SLO-CRO), financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Other events

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