Grajžar Gallery

Visit the gallery and enjoy graphic art and other creative workshops. 

The Grajžar Gallery is located in one of the most beautiful streets of medieval Štanjel, opposite the Karst House. It occupies two separate basement rooms of the Grajžar family. The first room features the sales gallery, whereas the second hosts exhibitions of different artists throughout the year. The latter is also used for creative purposes, hosting graphic and other creative workshops.


The gallery is open every day between 9.00 and 18.00. If it is closed, you can get the key at Grajžars’ (ring the bell at their home).

Facebook: Grajžarjevi
Instagram: grajzarjevi.stanjel

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Contact us for information, offers and reservations. We will be happy to help you.

Grajžarjeva galerija
Štanjel 24, 6222 Štanjel (Show on map)
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