Why visit Štanjel

The unique Ferrari Garden

The Ferrari Garden was built in the period between the world wars as part of the Ferrari Villa, owned by the doctor Enrico Ferrari from Trieste. He wanted to build in Štanjel a country villa for himself and a sanatorium for his lung patients.

Maks Fabiani designed the garden on terraces, following the structure of the old village. Some terraces featured gardens, lush with vegetables and flowers, while trees were mainly of Mediterranean species.

Fabiani’s building design was based on the position and shape of the terrain. The architect applied traditional stone support walls and stairways that are typical of the karst landscape and also elements that have nothing to do with the Karst but reflect the ideals of that time. The outlook pavilion, the fountains, the artificial cave… were thus created. Yet the most recognisable part of the garden is the oval pond, featuring a small islet, into which water flowed from a complex water supply system.

Today, the Ferrari Garden is a cultural monument of a national importance. Its uniqueness makes it the perfect venue for many events.

The architect’s unparalleled masterpiece is most beautifully presented during the “The Ferrari Garden - a family portrait” or  “Fabiani’s Štanjel” guided tour in "Black cat " treasure hunt in Štanjel.


Štanjel is a place of countless unique stories that enrich the experience of this one-of-a-kind medieval settlement. Get to know the architect Maks Fabiani and his works better, discover why flower wreaths hang on the front door of every house in the old village and much more.

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