Teambuilding: Fabiani's symbol

You have discovered the legend of Fabiani's symbol, that hides a secret power. To discover the symbol, set off on a journey through Štanjel, where team challenges await you. With each successful solution, you receive a hint about the look of the symbol. But a symbol can only be put together if each team successfully completes its tasks and shares solutions with others. Only at the end, when each team adds its contribution, can the pieces fall into place and reveal the power of the symbol. You will end the day with a tasting of karst delicacies, where you can share your stories of fun adventures.


all year round, prior reservation required


3 to 4 hours (we can customize the program to your needs)

Starting point

in front of Štanjel Castle


Slovenian and English

Number of persons

Minimal number of persons: 9

Maximum number of persons: 30

Price The price is set individually, as it depends on the size of the group, customization,…


Clothing and footwear should be suitable for walking in Štanjel and for the weather.

What’s included?

  • Treasure hunt full of fun team challenges and puzzles
  • Relaxed socializing in the idyllic streets of Štanjel
  • Emphasizes the importance of participation and contribution of all team members
  • Wine tasting

Plan your day in Štanjel

Contact us for information, offers and reservations. We will be happy to help you.

TBA d.o.o.
Cvetkova ulica 33, 1000 Ljubljana (Show on map)
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