Where to find accommodation

Accommodation is available within the castle walls, allowing one to enjoy the tranquillity and slow pace of the old village.

Close to the Tower of Kobdilj, accommodation is available in two semi-detached houses. The rooms and apartments can sleep up to 17 people, while there is a large multipurpose room suitable for socialising, workshops or a group breakfast.

  • Type: apartments, rooms
  • Capacity: 3 apartments, 2 rooms
  • Total no. of beds: 12+5
  • Services: shared use of a washing machine and a dryer, laundry and ironing of clothes (extra fee), rent-a-bike, breakfast (extra fee), beekeeping tourism, guided tours


t:+386 5 769 00 18; +386 31 522 188
e: info@apartments-stanjel.si

A large ground-floor apartment is located in the historical centre of Štanjel, only a step away from the famous Karst House. This attractive location enthrals with beautiful views of the landscape. The apartment is suitable for a short break or longer holidays.

  • Type: apartment
  • Capacity: 2 apartments
  • Total no. of beds: 6+4
  • Services: parking in front of the apartments, optional use of the garden, use of a dishwasher, different workshops


t: +386 5 769 01 97; +386 31 257 937
e: valetovi@siol.net

On top of the Turn Hill, close to the prehistorical Gledanica hillfort, an apartment and a separate room are available for accommodation. The building in which they are located is one of the oldest in the village. A pleasant and cosy stay is completed by a view across the terraced medieval village and landscape – a perfect place for anyone seeking tranquillity.

  • Type: apartment-studio, room
  • Capacity: 1 apartment, 1 room
  • Total no. of beds: 4
  • Services: family-friendly (baby cot, baby feeding chair), rental of the basement (extra fee)


t: +386 5 769 10 07; +386 31 389 621
e: info@stanarjevi.com

The house is built on the ruins of a former defence tower. In the interior, one can still see details of the observation and shooting slits, along with a shelf for ammunition. Due to its iconic location on the edge of the village walls, it offers a beautiful view of the new Štanjel village and the Karst landscape.

  • Type: apartments
  • Capacity: 2 apartments
  • Total no. of beds: 6
  • Services: rent-a-bike, use of a washing machine, terrace, garden


t: +386 31 385 281
e: stanjelskirazgledi@gmail.com

The old Karst house “Andreja” is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Štanjel, offering stunning views of the park, the valleys and the hills as well as the Church of St Gregory. You will find yourself in a place that gives a genuine feeling of peace. The breath-taking sunrises on the hills, when the morning sunbeams light up the house and the garden and warm the soul, are the highpoints of this nook, where you can truly enjoy tranquillity.

  • Type: holiday house
  • Total no. of beds: 6


t: +386 41 642 140
e: info@stanjel13.com

The apartment has a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a sofa bed, a well-equipped kitchen (ceramic hob, fridge, water heater), a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, and a terrace with a barbecue. It offers air conditioning, electric heating, Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

  • Type: apartment
  • Capacity: 2+2
  • Total number of beds: 2+2
  • Services: rent-a-bike, use of terrace with barbecue, parking in front of the apartment (extra fee), free usage of the garage


t: +386 70 703 696
e: mito.furlan@gmail.com

The “Odlična hiša” apartments and rooms are located in Štanjel, just behind the main entrance tower, under the medieval castle and Gothic church.

The apartments and rooms are modernly equipped and provide magnificent vistas of the Karst plateau. This family-run accommodation features typical Karst architecture, adding to a relaxing and pleasant stay.

  • Type: apartments, rooms
  • Capacity: 3 apartments, 2 rooms
  • Total no. of beds: 13 + 3
  • Services: optional breakfast, bike rental, outdoor social area


t: +386 41 719 303
e: odlicnahisa2@gmail.com

The “Vila Ana” villa is located opposite the Ferrari Villa, just above the idyllic Ferrari Garden. It features three studios and two apartments furnished in a lovely vintage style which adds a special charm and soul to the house.

  • Type: apartments, studios
  • Capacity: 2 apartments, 3 studios
  • Total no. of beds: 10 + 5
  • Services: bike storage, launderette, wellness


t: +386 40 426 565; +386 51 268 864

e: stanjel.vila.ana@gmail.com


Grad Štanjel House is located in the heart of Štanjel, where it offers one of a kind experience of nature, gastronomy and accomodation. Interwining of modern and traditional Karst indoor design will make your stay pleasant and authentic.

  • Type: apartment, rooms
  • Capacity: 1 aprtment , 2 rooms
  • Total number of beds: 4+2
  • Additional services: availability of italian, vegetarian or vegan breakfast, Karst house exhibition, air-conditioning, private bathroom


t: +386 5 731 00 70; +386 41 447 854

e: info@gradstanjel.si


You can find accommodation in other places in the Karst.

Štanjel is a place of countless unique stories that enrich the experience of this one-of-a-kind medieval settlement. Get to know the architect Maks Fabiani and his works better, discover why flower wreaths hang on the front door of every house in the old village and much more.

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