Where to eat

While discovering Štanjel, take a break and have a drink or snack. A cup of coffee, a slice of prosciutto, a glass of wine will surely do, but what about lunch or dinner? Do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the local cuisine and indulge your palate with the best flavours of the Karst.

In the famous castle courtyard one finds a bistro that offers simple, yet delicious dishes prepared according to the rich culinary tradition of the Karst.


Monday, Tuesday: 9.00-16.00

Wednesday: closed

Thursday-Sunday: 9.00-21.00

QKomel – Bistro Grad Štanjel

 +386 41 447 854

In the village centre, just a step away from the famous Grajžar Gallery, the Grajžarjeva marenda snack bar will tempt your palate with Karst prosciutto sliced using the iconic manual Berkel prosciutto slicer. The snack will be accompanied by a glass of Teran wine produced locally. You can also stop in for a cup of delicious coffee and a chat.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 12.00 – 16.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00
Monday, Thursday, holidays: closed

Grajžarjeva marenda

+386 31 541 636

Wine shop Vinoteka Grad Štanjel is where you can come to learn more about the entire gastronomic offer of the Karst in a single place.

Wine degustations with Karst goodies

degustations of 3 samples - 12 eur/person (30 min)
degustations of 5 samples - 18 eur/person (45 min)
degustations of 9 samples - 28 eur/person (90 min)

Wine tastings can be accompanied by sliced ​​meats and local cheeses, homemade potato gnocchi and homemade seasonal desserts.

Wine shop opening hours

Sale of more than 100 wines from Karst winemakers from Slovenia and Italy:

During the official hours of the Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre.

Tasting of wines and Karst delicacies

Friday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

Groups by arrangement.

Vinoteka Grad Štanjel

 +386 51 437 374

Just a step away from the Church of St Daniel, the panoramic terrace of the Panorama snack bar awaits you. It offers relaxation in the shade of a traditional Karst trellis and an amazing view of the Karst plateau. You will be served organically produced dry-cured meats from the local Krškopolje (black-belted) pigs, Brkinian cheeses and other local goodies. Don’t miss out on the wine of local winemakers, coffee and other refreshing drinks.

In front of the Panorama snack bar is the Teran Wine Fountain – a self-service winery where you can enjoy a glass or two of premium Teran and Vitovska wines.

Panorama Štanjel – A house with a view

 +386 41 384 858

Explore other culinary stories and typical flavours of the Karst in Štanjel’s surroundings as well as slightly farther away.

Štanjel is a place of countless unique stories that enrich the experience of this one-of-a-kind medieval settlement. Get to know the architect Maks Fabiani and his works better, discover why flower wreaths hang on the front door of every house in the old village and much more.

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