Useful information

Pedestrians only in Štanjel!

The compact old village may not be entered by bicycle or motor bike. These must be left in the designated area at the bus stop, with your journey then continuing by foot.

Drinking water

The water is drinkable. You can quench your thirst at two drinking fountains, located before the entrance to the castle courtyard and in the Gledanica Archaeological Park on top of Turn Hill above Štanjel.

Recordings using drones

Photos/video recording in the area of the compact old village of Štanjel and the Ferrari Garden using drones (pilotless planes) is prohibited without a permit from the Civil Aviation Agency Slovenia.

Timetable changes

During events some facilities might close down earlier and/or their programmes might finish earlier than advertised. Updates concerning such changes are published promptly on the website.

EV charging station

You can fill and park your electric car in front of the Cultural Centre.


The ATM for cash withdrawal is at the bus station in the lower part of the village. It is located in a visible spot accessible to all visitors of Štanjel, including physically challenged people.

Public toilets

Public toilets are located in the old part of Štanjel, near the Kobdilj Tower in the direction towards the Ferrari Garden, as well as in Bar Zoro at the foot of the castle near the car park.

Štanjel is a place of countless unique stories that enrich the experience of this one-of-a-kind medieval settlement. Get to know the architect Maks Fabiani and his works better, discover why flower wreaths hang on the front door of every house in the old village and much more.

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