Galerija Lojzeta Spacala , 
19. Apr - 5. Jan 2025, 19.00 - 16.00

The exhibition '' The Karst in colour and in verse''

An exhibition of select works by three painters from Trieste: Lojze Spacal, Klavdij Palčič and Franco Vecchiet.

The baroque walls of the Štanjel Castle will welcome, in a completely new guise, select works by three Trieste painters who, with their work and their lives, have shaped and left an indelible mark on the Karst: when the names of LOJZE SPACAL, KLAVDIJ PALČIČ and FRANKO VECCHIET appear on a painting, graphic work, drawing or object, the eye is filled with the elegance, thoughtfulness and harmony of the play of colours, the interweaving of colourful strokes and well-considered geometric figures, but also with the eloquence and excitement of the messages heard in the layers of their drawings and colours. Painters who have written the history of modern, contemporary post-war art in the cultural area of Trieste, the Littoral, Italy and Slovenia will present their most characteristic works.

Their artistic expression has been enriched over the decades by the selected words of their companions and friends, the poets MIROSLAV KOŠUTA, MARKO KRAVOS and RENATO QUAGLIA, who, together with the painters, complete the cultural heritage of the area, which is why we have included them in the exhibition.

From 19 April 2024, when the exhibition “THE KARST IN COLOUR AND IN VERSE” opens, until 5 January 2025, the Lojze Spacal Gallery in Štanjel will be the centre of Slovenian art in the Trieste area.

During this period, the exhibition of selected paintings and graphic works will be enriched with expert guided tours and poetry readings.

The authors of the installation are Marko Arnež, Nelida Nemec, Ana Palčič, Martin Spacal and Franko Vecchiet.

The exhibition and events are organised by ORA Krasa in Brkinov in cooperation with Galerija Prešernovih nagrajencev Kranj and KB delniška družba s.p.a., as well as other organisations and individuals from both sides of the border.

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